James McCormick

James found his passion for justice early on in his legal career. As an Assistant Attorney General at the State Department of Labor and Industries, James worked with and helped countless people who have suffered worker’s comp and other workplace injuries.

He also has a passion for motorcycle law and advocating for the rights of bikers. As an avid rider himself, James has seen first-hand the devastating injuries and consequences that can befall someone involved in a motorcycle accident.

James openly advocates a culture of safety for those at work and play. He wants to help prevent others from suffering some of the grave injuries he’s seen throughout his legal career.

Due to his genuine concern for the safety and well-being of others, James found a warm welcome and the perfect home at Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel.

Someone Who Cares

James has defined his legal career through service to his fellow human being. He realizes that many people who are injured face not only years of recovery and rehabilitation, but are often overwhelmed by massive medical bills that the insurance companies may initially not agree to cover.

Standing up for those who are disenfranchised and putting their best interests first appeals most to James. The insurance companies are nameless, faceless corporations who will often try to settle for as little money as possible. James acts as a strong voice for his injured clients, openly advocating for their rights and fighting for their best interests.

The most satisfying part about personal injury law is when you put the whole case together, and you solved it in a way that makes a difference for your client with new cases come new challenges, and that’s what keeps me excited.

Aside from being an avid motorcycle enthusiast, James also enjoys spending part of his spare time recreating in our beautiful Pacific Northwest backyard. When he’s not skiing down the slopes or cruising down the open roads, he enjoys giving back to the community.

James served as a Continued Legal Education (CLA) speaker for the Thurston County Volunteer Legal Clinic as well as Safeplace Volunteer Legal Clinic for Domestic Violence. His passion for justice goes beyond his law offices and into the lives of others whom he has helped over the years.

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