October 16, 2014

Welcome to My Blog

Hello all, I’m James McCormick: a vegetarian, dirt-biking sailor, oyster-farming powder hound, book-addicted, diaper changing daddy. I’m an all-around handyman who tears up at stories of social injustice. I am a community leader and tireless volunteer for those in need. My personal health challenges, commitment to giving back and genuine nature were the starting ingredients to why I became a personal injury attorney at Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel – I want to help whomever I can.

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At Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel, I dedicate my practice to those who have been injured, particularly on outdoor & recreational injuries. This can include any kind of injury that arises out of a recreation or outdoor setting—i.e. from mud runs, hiking, climbing, gyms, swimming pools, aqua parks, motorcycles, bicycles, scuba, skiing, boating, etc. My interest in this area of law comes out of the fact that, during my free time, I love skiing, running, dirt biking, and exploring of all kinds.

Other areas of my practice include nursing home negligence, product liability, highway design liability, construction site liability and premises liability cases. Prior to joining EPIC-Law, I worked as an assistant attorney general for the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, where I honed my specialization in litigation involving workers’ compensation and work place injury appeals.

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I spend a lot of time working for my clients. When I am not working however, you might find me painting Little Library book houses for the community. Or maybe dirt biking the Baja Peninsula or hiking the backcountry at Crystal Mountain. I live in Tacoma, Washington with my wife Oona Copperhill and my daughters, Willa and Tierney. I want my girls to grow up with two very important qualities: a sense of adventure and a commitment to the well being of others.

With this blog, I plan on sharing my favorite experiences in everyday life: family, farming, outdoor exploration and community involvement, as well as my thoughts on current news regarding personal injury. Check back or subscribe for new posts!

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