OSHA Fines Squaw Valley Over Patroller’s Death

OSHA is charged with enforcing workplace safety standards across the United States.  The agency investigates workplace injuries and deaths in an effort to help create safer workplaces and identify safety measures to prevent future injuries.  OSHA recently completed its workplace safety investigation into the death of Squaw Valley Patroller Joe Zuiches.  He tragically died while… Read More

Preventing Water Sports Recreational Injuries this Summer 2017

We’re lucky to be surrounded by quite a few bodies of water here in the beautiful state of Washington. With the hot summer months in full swing in the Pacific Northwest, families will be taking advantage of the good weather to participate in recreational water sports. From jet skiing to boating, there are many water… Read More

Judge Allows Avalanche Death Case to Proceed Against Vail

13 year old Colin Taft died in an inbound avalanche at Vail on January 22, 2012.  His family sued Vail arguing that the avalanche that killed Colin was foreseeable and that Vail was negligent in failing to either make the area safe for skiers by mitigating the known avalanche danger and/or was negligent in failing… Read More

Are Zip lines Safe?

Outside Magazine published an in depth article recently which examined zip line injuries around the world. The article explored the overall lack of safety standards that exist to regulate the construction and operation of zip lines. Zip lines have proliferated as an adventure tourism staple. They can be found in the US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and… Read More

A Very Real Look at an Avalanche Rescue

This avalanche burial and rescue was captured on video from the perspectives of victim and the companion rescuer.  Fortunately, the victim was located and uncovered without any apparent injury.  However, had these skiers not been skiing together and properly equipped, the worst could have occurred. The video is about 10 minutes long.  Its painstaking how… Read More

Crystal Mountain Skiers Face Misdemeanor Charges for Skiing in Closed Area

Crystal Mountain is apparently sending a message that it is serious about boundary closures. The Tacoma News Tribune reported last week that Crystal Mountain is seeking misdemeanor charges to be brought against two skiers who skied into a closed area on the morning of February 10, 2017.  Crystal Mountain Patrol was reportedly conducting active avalanche… Read More

Backcountry Skier Rescued from Avalanche that Buried U.S. 550 in Colorado

The snowfall in the west over the past two weeks has been remarkable.  Mountains across the west have been shut down because of too much snow.  The avalanche danger has likewise skyrocketed. Yesterday a skier outside of Silverton, Colorado in San Juan County was rescued from an avalanche that swept him down the mountain, over a… Read More

Mechanical Failure the Cause of Fatal Granby Ranch Chairlift Incident

Today the Denver Post reported that the recent fatality at Granby Ranch Ski Area in Colorado was a result of mechanical chairlift failure. Kelly Huber, 40,and her two children were riding the “Quickdraw Express” at Granby Ranch on December 29, 2016.  About a third of the way up the lift, their chair struck a lift… Read More

Stay Safe on the Chairlift!

There have been several serious incidents on chairlifts this season that have made the news.  Recently, a woman and her children fell from a lift at Ski Granby Ranch in Colorado.  In another incident a boy at Sundance Mountain in Utah was left dangling from a lift after his backpack got caught in the chair.… Read More