Wrongful Death Lawsuit following Avalanche Death In Silverton Avalanche School

Lawsuit Targets Silverton Avalanche School The family of a Colorado man killed in a avalanche during a Level 2 avalanche education class is suing the avalanche school which sponsored the class he in which he was participating.  Also named in the suit were BCA, the maker of the airbag used by the skier, the guide… Read More

Avoid the Need for Rescue this Winter

As ski and snowboard season kicks off around the country, its time more than ever to be smart and be safe in the mountains The start of ski and snowboard season is always a good time to review mountain safety.  This year is no exception.  In fact, its probably more important now than ever due… Read More

Class Action Filed Against Vail Resorts for Covid 19 Closures

Vail Resorts Sued for Failing to Refund Epic Passes After Covid 19 Closures   In March, 2020 Vail Resorts made the bold decision to close all 34 of its ski resorts in North America.  That was no small decision with over a month of spring skiing left.  The closure also included all of their resort… Read More

SENA 30K Motorcycle Intercom Review

SENA 30K Motorcycle Intercom Review   I’ve been using the Sena 30k now for just about a year.  I’ve been meaning to write a quick review on it for a while now.  But, even now after about a year of use, I still feel like I haven’t learned how to operate this device proficiently enough… Read More

Resorts Turning to Cameras to Enforce Terrain Closures

Cameras are Being Used by Resorts to Enforce Terrain Closures Resorts have been dealing with the increasing pressure of enforcing terrain closures.  Busy resorts due to inexpensive mega-passes and easy to use backcountry touring gear, plus media culture that has encouraged skiers to seek fresh turns, has pushed more and more skiers beyond the traditional… Read More

Criminal Charges and Trial for Skier who Ducked Rope in Jackson

Trial is set to commence on August 12, 2019 for skier Natalie Burns in Federal Court in Jackson, Wyoming.  Burns is charged with disorderly conduct and violating an emergency closure.  She is accused of ducking a rope and leaving the ski area boundary at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort with three others on February 28, 2019. … Read More

People Trampled at Skijoring Event

This is definitely not a headline you see everyday:  People Trampled [by a horse] at skijoring event in 2017 file a lawsuit. This one is certainly breaking new ground in the intersection of law and skiing. Above is a photo of the event/incident published by the Durango Herald. Four plaintiffs are suing organizers of a… Read More

Gwyneth Paltrow sued for colliding with another skier at Deer Valley

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that Paltrow and Deer Valley are being sued by a skier claiming to be injured after the actress allegedly collided with him on the slopes. Terry Sanderson alleges that Gwyneth Paltrow was skiing out of control and collided with him from above on February 26, 2016.  She was reportedly… Read More

Large Inbounds Avalanche Buries Multiple Skiers at Taos

News outlets are reporting that a large inbounds avalanche occurred at Taos Ski Valley on Thursday, January 17, 2019.  Reportedly there were two confirmed skier burials and it is unknown at this time of others were caught by the large slide.  Ski patrollers were reportedly able to rescue two skiers and evacuate them to medical… Read More